Streets Of Pondicherry


Moments engulfed in silence, presence of roaring waves, Buildings that stand tall as they could. These are evidence that reminds us of the richness of French-Indian culture, they reveal the greatness of Pondicherry to the world.


The ancient ways of life, the welcoming hearts of people, are our highest pride. To capture such a grandeur way of life is what I do. I bring to you treasured moments in the form of pictures, I’m popularly known as Puduvai Ilavenil, claiming me a household name among thousands of art-lovers in Pondicherry and TamilNadu.
My love for photography has made me what I’m today.

Through my venture named RathnamStills, I take pride in capturing more emotions, joys, and feelings of my people in the frames.


Come… Let’s celebrate your memorable weddings moments and times spent with family is beginnings with us… Frame them with a touch of this beautiful French-Indian town… My camera and I are awaiting your arrival…



The light shed through my camera has been reflected in photographs that have attracted the hearts of many. It brings me a state of elation to have captured every detail of the Majestic place – Pondicherry! Here I have those pictures for your view…


— Yours

Puduvai Ilavenil